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Advertising in the NATHHAN NEWS


15,000 families privately educating their special needs child await to hear about your product through a print and internet style magazine called the NATHHAN NEWS.

          Advertising is limited in our publication. Folks seriously take a look at your product if they read about it in their NATHHAN NEWS.

Two for the price of one!   Your ad goes into the NATHHAN NEWS print style and internet version, includes a link to your web site.  A great value for an outstanding price.

If you are interested in advertising please contact Jacob Bushnell - or give us a call 1-800-266-9837



Full page $500.00 8.5" horizontal  by 11" vertical
1/2 page $250.00 8.5" horizontal by 5.5" vertical
1/3 page $165.00 (long column style)  2.25" horizontal by 11" vertical
1/4 page $125.00 2.25" horizontal  by  2.75" vertical
Back page of  NATHHAN NEWS magazine (3/4 page ad) $800.00  



  • NATHHAN home page web link ad  - $500.00

  • NATHHAN Advertising page logo and link ad - $50.00

  • Classified ads are $5.00 for the first 20 words and 25 for every word thereafter.  (Classified ads are free for NATHHAN member families!)

Call for deadline dates.


Special size?   Already have an ad but different size?  Generally it is $25.00 added to the above. Contact us first.


Ad creations available.   Please contact us for more information and prices. (208) 267-6246


The NATHHAN NEWS magazine goes to 15,000 dedicated  families, and professionals. 

Internet traffic approximately 10,000 a month


 We appreciate our advertisers. We take care to present our NATHHAN families great products they can use.

1.  Can families dealing with challenges or disabilities use your product or service?  How does it relate to them?

2.   No multi-level or pyramid sold products.

3.   Products or services should not be dishonoring to the Lord.

4.  Ads need to be sent in ready for press in the US mail or over e-mail in Microsoft Word or compatible program.

5. We reserve the right to refuse ads that we feel are contrary to our mission and purpose.