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NewLife Mercy Maternity Center

A Ministry Opportunity for You!

    Are you looking for an opportunity to share with an overseas mission, helping them save souls for Christ?
   Ministering to birth moms and families is a unique way to share the love of the Savior. Mercy Maternity Center, in Davao, Philippines, is especially designed to bring about the love of Christ through a much needed service to parents.
    Lives are changed and through the ministry of Newlife missions over 200 house churches have been planted. Please go to their web site to review their information about Newlife International School of Midwifery and how they are training missionary minded families to meet the real needs of the lost.

Newlife Int'l School of Midwifery
P.O. Box 81227
Davao City 8000 Philippines
Stateside Address:
Newlife Int'l School of Midwifery
2511 NE MLK Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212
Tel: 503.493.1301

NewLife Mercy Maternity is requesting your assistance in purchasing the building that they are already leasing. The owner immigrated to Canada and has agreed to sell the building very cheaply to Mercy Maternity if they can come up with the necessary funding. Total purchase price for this huge building, in great condition is $225,000 US dollars. They have payments every 6 months. Their next payment is due December 14th and will be $20,000.
    Your contribution will make an incredible difference in the lives of mothers and dads that are ministered to everyday.
    I did not know what being poor really meant, until I had the opportunity to share in the very lives of parents who could not even begin to afford diapers of any kind for their baby.
They are content with their lack. To them having very little is normal. Would that Christ would be their all in all… Here is a picture of the baby of a Christian couple that attend a Missionary Alliance Church. This was their first baby and they were very happy to have someone who loved Jesus share in their birth experience.
    Without Mercy Maternity, their tender care and cleanliness, her baby might have died, as he was very small (4lbs.). Please consider helping them today. Send donations to their Oregon address.