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Phonics Plain & Simple,  back by popular demand!


Part A - includes colors, shapes, left/right and up/down etc.. ABC’s, early phonics (the vowels). (no tabs, or binder, 147 pages) $20.00 postage included in price.

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Part B - includes review of vowels, consonants, consonant blends, and early words. (no tabs, or binder, 204 pages) $30.00 postage included in price.

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——Created for children with delays that need to move V..E..R....Y slowly. Some of our special children CAN learn to read via the phonics method. This is an excellent and (cheap) way to practice. Find out if phonics is possible for your child.

 —— A great program for children needing lots of repetition. No hand printing required. Photo copying encouraged for your own use!