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NATHHAN Recource Room 


Welcome to the NATHHAN Resource Room. A unique store offering homeschooling resources and books for families with special needs children.  Christians, who have adopted children with disabilities, will also enjoy getting to know the all time favorites of other parents who are traveling down the same road they are.

 Be encouraged!                                

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Christian Homes and Special Kids

Get a glimpse into the lives of families home educating their special needs children. Warmly penned, practical, resources written by homeschool moms.




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Straight Talk

Have you noticed that your child...

  • Has a lisp?

  • Says "wabbit" for rabbit?

  • Forms Sentences incorrectly?

  • Says "goed" for went or "me for I?

  • Can't carry on a conversation as well as other children his age?

Then take a look at our home based speech therapy program!

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The Individual Education Planner

Take the hassle out of creating your IEP's

 Professional looking IEP's specific to the needs of your student are now a snap! This IEP planner is made specifically for the special needs student. Very easy to use!