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  Are you aware that the way in which letter sounds are taught can either help or hinder a child in the process of learning to read?

ABC Discovery Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Program is especially useful to children who are experiencing difficulty in learning to read.  In fact, it was with them in mind that I wrote the program.

Several aspects of the ABC Discovery program contribute to children learning how to read letters correctly.

(1) As each letter is introduced, children are made aware of the way in which they make that sound in their mouths.  This strengthens the association between the letter sound and the printed symbol. It also enables the parent to correct faulty speech patterns as they teach reading.

(2) Many hands-on opportunities are provided, including building words with letter cards prior to writing and reading them.

(3) Confusion is avoided through use of a controlled vocabulary and introduction of a single phonetic pattern, consonant-vowel-consonant.

 (4) Each lesson proceeds step-by-step from the kinesthetic review and instruction to the final reading of the story in the Phonetic Reader.

Recently, I used the program with a mentally-challenged ten-year-old who could print letters but could not read.  In  about an hour he had learned eight letter sounds and was able to read page one of the Phonetic Reader.

The ABC Discovery does this in a way that captures the imagination and interest of children. In addition, the letter lessons are organized in such a way that relationships between letter sounds can be readily recognized and demonstrated. This serves to strengthen phonemic awareness and also enables the parent/teacher to correct any faulty speech patterns that may exist. A remedial program based on the same principles is also available.

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