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Articles about Attention Deficit Disorder and Homeschooling

Learning by Mnemonics - a tried and true method of learning AND NATHHAN Resource Review of Stevenson Learning Skills plus Semple Math  by Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Simply Self-Controlled Special Needs Children - Fall 1996 NATHHAN NEWS

Learning To Teach - What To Do When Your Student's Favorite Answer is...."I Don't Know" by Sharon Hensley Article taken from her Newsletter Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

ADHD and the Christian Home As you may know there is no small controversy surrounding the diagnosis ADHD.....

For Parents Interested in Teaching Their Children Who Are Attentionally Challenged by Bonnie Klein

The Ritalin Riddle -

Early Television Exposure a Possible Factor in Attention Deficit Disorder By Matthew James, M.D. A family physician observes a dismaying trend Fall 1994

Parentís Guide to Attention Deficit Disorders. This book published by Hawthorne is available through them at 1-800-542-1673.

ADHD support website -

Continuing To Do Things...the Non-Traditional Way - by Dawn Wolcott, founder of PICC of NY