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Articles About Homeschooling Blind and Visually Impaired Children

Erasing The Lines That Limit Our Children By Rick and Cheryl Linson

Guiding Hands: Help or Hindrance by Lilli Nielsen, Ph.D

Braille/Print Christian Children's books by Denise Ferrin

Sheela is Homeschooled..."Yes, she's blind!"  by Sherry Bushnell

Adopting a Child with Albinism and Family Integration

Now How Do You Say That?.... People First Language, Etiquette and Not offending Folks  By Sherry Bushnell

Bob and Lori Leon Avon Lake, OH - Bob Jones University is now offering the IOWA and STANFORD tests in large print and braille. We have two daughters that are legally blind, so we are quite thrilled that BJU now has large print tests available.