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Emotional Disorders

Attachment, BiPolar and others

Hiring A Professional   A call to all professionals

Adoption - Is It Always Happily Ever After?  Written by Tom and Sherry Bushnell Adoption is a very special way of adding the blessing of children into a home. This article shares about a problem most social workers don't talk about in preparing a family for adoption......

Attachment Disorders In A Christian Home - The Bushnell family shares their story and suggestions for dealing with attachment disorders and behaviors.

Maid or Mother? by Sherry Bushnell I have a daughter, who is struggling, that is Bipolar. Is there any way you can help me with this? I am having a hard time and need encouragement. God has blessed us with 5 children so far and at least 3 of them are dealing with attention challenges one of them severely, we are a Christian family who practice Biblical child training and all of the other Children are doing very well, and learning how to help themselves, even gifted in some areas, but my small daughter who is also a twin is having a hard time. Any help would be appreciated. Suzanne in Tennessee (Editor's note: There is a web site called recommended by Alpha Omega Apparently their curriculum