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Articles About Setting Up An Individual Education Plans (IEP's)

       Writing Your Own IEP (Individual Education Plan)  by Wendi Capehart

 Simple Concepts that are Hard to Get - By Tom and Sherry Bushnell

 Before Reading Begins - By Tom and Sherry Bushnell Nathhan News Winter 97/98

 Tips For Setting Up A Curriculum for The Severely Mentally Challenged Child by Tom and Sherry Bushnell Fall 1995

  My Recipe For An IEP by Rhonda Robinson

 Individualized Student Education Plan by Sharon Wallace The ISEP is a terrific tool for homeschoolers! It follows Federal Guidelines (ie current abilities, goals, and
objectives). It charts progress and methods of assessment! Tracks Academic &/or Life Skills. Definitely Mom Friendly. Contact Sharon Wallace (714) 521-5586.

  Individual Education Planning Manual For the Handicapped Student by Debbie Mills

  Custom Fitting A Program For the Learning Disabled Child by Tom and Sherry Bushnell Fall 1994

The IEP Planner by Debbie Mills