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Articles About Math

Learning by Mnemonics - a tried and true method of learning AND NATHHAN Resource Review of Stevenson Learning Skills plus Semple Math  by Tom and Sherry Bushnell


Before Math Begins by Tom and Sherry Bushnell


"Real Life" Math By Letz Farmer

 Saxon makes a program for students with special needs. This Saxon 54 program took us gently from Saxon 3 to Saxon 65. The worksheets were our salvation to middle grades math. See the below link for information on this complete teacher's resource kit.

 None of this program is consumable and the worksheets can be copied for all students in your classroom. After using this program we were able to use the  regular 65 book the following year. Because we're not willing to leave any student behind, Saxon offers adaptations of our middle grades mathematics series for use with students with special needs, thereby increasing the population of students who can benefit from the Saxon program. Both regular education students and students with special needs use the same textbooks; however, students with special needs also use specially designed materials that make the textbooks more accessible and beneficial to them. This item cost $210 plus shipping and was worth every penny. I have never seen it offered used so you better snatch it quick. :>) $175.

Teaching Math- One Step At A Time  By Diane Ryckman