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Goals and Purpose of NATHHAN/CHASK

Developing NATHHAN / CHASK’s integrated seamless Customer Relation Management system (CRM).




New system

Adoption Process


     Twice manually entered by CHASK office staff. Once on  an Access Data Base and then onto Microsoft Word for the adoptive family biography.

     We have many large 3-ring binders that our adoptive family’s files are in.  They are listed by state. With over 400 adoptive families, updates are frequently needed, filing is tedious and time consuming.

Automatically entered by adoptive family.  All e mail correspondence, all babies considered, all telephone calls, all pictures and requests will all be in one place!


Quick Books manually entered twice. Once for orders and another time in Access Data Base

Single entry system

On line orders


Manually entered

Automatically entered

Data management

Each family manually entered in Access Data Base

Families can enter or update their data on line any time.

Change of Address

Manually entered

Families can automatically change their address on line.  This alone will save us thousands of dollars a year in mailing costs!



Manually entered by staff twice.  Once on access and then on the web page.

Automatically entered and updated as families choose.



Books manually checked in and out.

Families can view the books they wish to borrow, the waiting time and check books out on line.

Matching Families

Manually enter which disabilities the family has experience with.  Many families have different disabilities, so the cross over can be difficult.

Families automatically enter which disabilities they have experience with.  Plus we can locate counselors that are experienced in specific disabilities to help birth parents or adoptive parents get the resources and help they need quickly.


As you can see, streamlining our system will save us countless man hours.  The saved time in data upkeep and manual entry will enable us to do more counseling and writing /editing.

 Our office staff and book keeper have spent hours in conference with Microsoft Dynamics, researching and asking lots of questions so as to find out exactly what is needed. 

We can visibly see that CHASK is making inroads into the world’s concept of what is truly pro-life.  Life is wonderfully created by God.  All life.   Disability is not a reason for abortion. More and more people are seeing this too.  We look forward to being an organization that Christian families know about, and can refer to, in the event they come across birth parents facing a hard decision.

Please consider it a priority to  send NATHHAN/CHASK a donation.

CHASK needs your assistance to operate efficiently.  Your role in the life and death of these babies is noticed by our Heavenly Father.  His concern for you and his little treasures with special needs are great.  Thank you for making the ministry of NATHHAN / CHASK happen.

Diligently working for Him,           

The Bushnell Family




November 2006

July 17th – Board meeting 

August -  Bushnell’s took a week off to go to Yellowstone National Park.

Fund Raising Letter went to medium and small donors to secure money for a new printing of the CHASK brochure.  Unruh family organized the 1, 600 piece plus  “mailing house” work party.

                        Renewal letter to 300 families.  Good response. Many folks sent in an additional donation.

                        Organized ideas for My House, God’s Home, a semi independent living training situation.  Course is 5 months long and families will be paying $1,000 / month for one-on-one training.  See letter to interested parties below

                        We started remodeling the small shop up by the house for additional office space.  We will be doing this “out-of-pocket” as the funds are available. We put in 7 work stations.  This office will more closely resemble a real office with a real cube farm with dividers.

The library, directory and Sherry’s desk will be staying in the mobile home office.  The back bedroom will house the volunteer, along with the kitchen area.  The front bedrooms will house Sheela and 2nd student.

(Sherry miscarried and hemorrhaged the end of August, so things have been moving rather slowly until she is fully in the swing of things again.)


September – Bethany Headings, our first Voluntary Service Person arrived here the 2nd.  She is staying for 3 weeks to see whether this is what she would like to do for a 1 year commitment.  Her name is Bethany and she is from Everett, WA.

                              Fall / Winter Magazine started and a fund raising letter will be needed to bring in enough to send it out.  It looks like we will be sending it to members only this time, around 5,000,  plus some extras to send out all winter. We need around $5,000 to do this.

Shanna took a few weeks off and is scheduled to return soon to working Mon- Fri.

Joy filled in while she was gone as needed, and continues to come in for the library and directory orders each week.

Jerri continues to volunteer coming in to help keep up the library and directory  

Jake works Thurs and Friday in the office and the rest of the week at Truss Tech designing trusses with Tom.

Tom works at Truss Tech all week.  He provides input, working evenings on NATHHAN and CHASK projects.

  Sherry works in the NATHHAN office from daily

 Linda continues to work several hours a week in the office when she is here in Idaho.  She handles all the taxes, book keeping and processes the orders when needed.


October 2006

The NATHHAN /CHASK NEWS is finished and sent to the printer.  $,8000.00 came in from the Weibe Foundation to cover the printing and postage.

Office is fairly quiet and we are getting a much needed rest.

Our 2nd VSer, Michelle Mast arrived the end of October and will be staying until December 20th.

We are at the point of sheet rocking the new office. 

We matched several older children this month, and tied up loose ends on helping several birth parents that are keeping their baby. We did put a new section on the CHASK web site for agencies or lawyers that have no-cost or low cost adoptions. (Not private adoptions).

November 2006

NATHHAN NEWS arrives into homes starting Nov. 14th.  Office picks up.  We are once again getting calls starting around 5:30 AM

We have worked with 7 families this month, 2 babies matched successfully and now home with their CHASK family. Several older children on the web. 

Fundraising letters are written and edited for the small, medium and large donors. Unruh family arranges work group to get them out the first week of December 2006.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful break! 

Listing of needs:


January 2007 Financial Goals


All of us are excited NATHHAN families being able to save before-born babies and equip parents to raise their special needs children.

Here is where we are at as of 1/3/07

In addition to helping us minister hope to unborn babies and birth families, below is a list of specific  items that CHASK needs right now. As you know we have moved location closer to Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho to get more office help. Our new set up includes the need of 3 more work stations.

1 lap top computer plus software, $1,500.00.

1 printer $400.00

US postage meter, $800.00

Volunteer furnishings, bed, dressers, and kitchen articles $800.00

$6,000.00 / month supports, 2 full time office workers, our computer specialist, a book keeper, 2 volunteers and the Bushnell family.

 We need $40,000.00, total for the software and consulting of our new Customer Relations Management System. We are purchasing a computer management program to reduce busy work.  We have saved up $15,000.   Being good stewards of the funds the Lord allows us to use for His purpose is important to us.  After prayer and communication with our NATHHAN / CHASK board, we can clearly see that organizing the many jobs of NATHHAN / CHASK is paramount to our growth. 

We are also presently raising funds for the Spring / Summer 2007 NATHHAN / CHASK news. It goes out to over 16,000 and requires $10,000 just for printing and postage of each issue.

As you pray about your year end financial sharing, please consider the work of CHASK a life-giving gift that will perpetuate itself into eternity. I know you will be blessed.