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Camille's Children: 31 Miracles and Counting... by Camille and Geraldi

Review by Susanna Tate

    Camille loved her charges dearly, but never expected an opportunity to meet their needs outside of the hospital setting. She also had no hope of marriage. She poured her love into the (abandoned) boarder patients in the pediatric intensive care unit where she worked as a nurse.

    But Camille's devotion to her patients did not go unnoticed. The young and highly respected pediatrician, Dr. Geraldi, observed her sacrificial labors of love over tiny patients that had been given up as hopeless. He watched with growing admiration her determination to give them every chance to survive.

    Camille and Dr. Geraldi have an amazing and touching story to tell. Their hearts and home expand boundlessly to offer love and hope to children that others have rejected or neglected. They offer rich encouragement to parents who are determined to give their special children a fair chance for a healthy and well-rounded life.

    If you are overwhelmed with the challenges of raising special needs children, read Camille's Children. Laugh and cry with her as she shares intimately of her experiences. You will find your faith and hope renewed. With God all things are possible.




*Editor's note: This book is out of print, but can still be found online at places like, and