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Ceana Has CP

by C. Fran Card, Review by Shanna Friesen




Ceana Has CP is a wonderful children’s story about a young girl with cerebral palsy. Ceana is a real child, granddaughter of the author, C. Fran Card, who wants other children to know what it’s like to have CP.
Written for ages 3-7, Mrs. Card has given a glimpse into the life of a “disabled” child that is easy for young children to understand. The focus of the story is on how Ceana’s needs, activities and abilities are different from those of a child without a special need. From her daily muscle exercises, to how she struggles to walk properly. From making cookies with mom to waiting for big brother Cullen to get home from school, her troubles and triumphs are revealed in this beautifully illustrated story. The author has literally created a window into the special needs world, and it’s called Ceana Has CP.