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CHASK - Christian Homes And Special Kids

by Diane Ryckman and Sherry Bushnell

        What is it like to raise a child with special needs?

    Get your personal glimpse into the lives of Christian families privately educating their disabled children.

CHASK is full of love, acceptance and the wisdom that comes from experience. Join us today!

The ministry of CHASK and NATHHAN is indispensable to the home school community. Their work on behalf of special needs children, as well as special needs pre-born children, is truly near to the heart of God.


         -- J. Michael Smith Esq., President of Home School Legal Defense Association


NATHHAN / CHASK fills a vital niche in our ministries to children with special needs. It falls directly in line with my passion of "prenatal hospice", and how to best care for, and provide compassion to the most vulnerable.


        -- Byron C. Calhoun, MD, FACOG, Rockford Memorial Hospital, Rockford IL., National Medical Advisor of Life Advocates (NIFLA) and President of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


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