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Homeschool Resources for visual, tactile and auditory learners.
Donna Glick writes, “I have used all of these items with my son, Daniel, who has autism. They have been successful. The workbooks and skill book are reproducible worksheets. People can call me about the products to ask questions. (920) 296-5462
303 Lincoln Ave.
Rio, WI 53960

    Shipping and Handling 15% of total purchase price.
    -Basic Concepts Cards with pictures (Reg 89.95) Now $50.00
    -Autism and PDD Pictures Stories and Language Kit (reg 159.00) Now $80.00
    -Jack Jungle Basic Concepts Game with nice green case. (Reg $44) Now $22.00
    -April Showers A Word Semantic Skill Game (Reg. $44) Now $22
    -Question Cards What, Who, When, Where, Why Questions (Reg $58) Now $30.00
    -Coordinating Auditory Information Skillbook $14.00
    -Processing Auditory Messages Exactly and Totally $14.00
    -Say and Do - Grammar Fun Sheets $17.00
    -Dot Language Worksheet with Dot Paints $15.00
    -Ask More Specific Questions Workbook $14.00
    -Touch Math 1st Grade Addition Kit $80.00
    -Touch Math 1st Grade Subtraction Kit $80.00
    -Math U See Subtraction and Addition Place Value Kit and Manipulative and Video tape on

        how to use program $50.00
    -Bingo “Wh” Question Answer and Ask “Wh” Questions $22.00
    -Look Who’s Listening Auditory Memory Integration and Discrimination Game by Super Duper $25.00
    -Language Occupation Cards Expressive and Receptive Speech Genders He and She $25.00
    -Auditory Processing Early Skills book $14.00
    -Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting Activities for Young Children $22.00
    -See and Solve Manipulatives Addition and Subtraction Single Concepts
        Numeral and Operation tiles
        Wooden Beads in 4 colors
        Patterning Laces has
        Sturdy Wooden bases
        Sorting and Storage boxes $20.00
    -Chant and Sort Vowel Sounds Activity Cards Over 200 cards $20.00
    -Christian Rev Up for Arithmetic and Using Animated Flashcards $7.00
    -2 - Rock And Learn Phonic videos complete Programs that entertain as well as teach $15.00


We have for sale the 1st Straight Talk - A Parent's Guide for Correcting Childhood Mispronunciations with a VCR tape, $30 ppd (post paid). Also the 2nd Straight Talk - A Parent's Guide to Language Development, $25 ppd. Contact: Adrienne Winsley, 740-826-7423, or

I would like to give a set of Dry-Mids training pants/diapers with absorbent liners to anyone who can use them. One is size medium and one is size large with 4 liners.
Please respond to  and I will promptly mail.


YOUTH SIZE INCONTINENT BRIEFS: I have 25 packs of 12 briefs each that my son has outgrown. They are $4.00 each plus shipping. Let me know how many you want and I will email you a bill. When I receive your payment, I will send them. My email is



Guitar and Piano Lessons for Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania!

I am a guitar and piano instructor who specializes in teaching children, starting at age four. I would like to have the opportunity to work with special needs. I offer the convenience of coming to people's homes, and if the child is physically incapable of playing an instrument, I can also come to the home just to sing and play songs. I am willing to offer Homeschoolers $25 a half hour for the first child and $20 a half hour for each additional child. Lessons for Mom and Dad are available for no additional charge. My service area includes New Castle County, DE; Cecil County, MD; and parts of Southeastern PA. I truly believe in the benefits of incorporating music into people's lives starting at a very young age and would love to spread the joy music brings to families around the community.
If you are interested,
please contact me:
Christina Elliott
Phone (302) 544-2890

I am an independent tutor in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA, serving special needs students K-8. My tutoring is guided by Orton Gillingham principles. I favor a multi-sensory, systematic approach to learning reading and math. If you are looking for additional support for your child, please contact me! Thank you, Amy Evens Phone: 724-935-0163

Child's manual wheelchair - Zippie GS - magenta color - fits pre-school to young elementary school child - adjustable - has removable tray - good quality and very sturdy - doesn't fold but can be partially broken down if needed - originally new over $2000 - will give to a needy NATHHAN family in exchange for a donation to NATHHAN/CHASK - located near Salem, Oregon - (would be expensive to ship)
Marilyn - 503-873-8451

Looking to buy or sell used curriculum?
We are one of the largest sites on the web for buying and selling new and used homeschool materials, and for finding and announcing homeschool groups, activities, and events.
Explore thousands of other’s listings, or post your own!
To learn more, go to:

It's a great program! National website is 
National phone number is:(253) 588-5177
ICAN--    International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists Email: 
My personal info is:
CAN-DO Cyndi Ringoen
P.O. Box 9822
Spokane, WA  99209

I am Christian, homeschool supporter and a facilitator with Davis Dyslexia Association International
Free informational packet
Uniquely Gifted
Janet Confer

Resource for teaching children with Autism about the Bible.
(or any age child who is a visual learner).
David C. Cook Ministries
Scripture pictures.
Reference from NATHHAN member, Donna Glick 920-296-5462
HaysKids: Pathway to Understanding
Raising Kids with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum

Teaching Jeremiah
A Blog on Asperger’s

I am a homeschool mother of four. My youngest son
Jeremiah has Asperger's Syndrome. I have started a blog
showing the challenges and
rewards that come from teaching him and being taught by him.
My hope is that it will encourage others with special
needs children in their decision to homeschool.

To visit
“Teaching Jeremiah” go to:

Independent Living Skills Test
Developed and Distributed by Daniel Memorial Institute.
4203 Southpoint Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32212
1-800-226-7612 ext. 1006
Test can be found on web site. Click on Daniel - Independent Living Skills Assessment.


Innovative, portable, visual cuing system to assist autistic children and adults in communicating with caregivers, educators and parents. Please visit

Giggles & Grins

Giggles & Grins carries educational toys, games and puzzles. We are proud to offer low prices and fantastic customer service.

Finding God in Autism

New book! New website!  A devotional book for parents of children who are on the Autism Spectrum. Get hope, strength and answers to your tough questions.

Learn and Sign Funtime Books

 My books are designed to make sign language more appealing for our young children. Children tend to learn faster when they can have fun while studying. My books also make it enjoyable for parents to learn right along with their children.

If you might be interested please feel free to contact Judy at:

Also check out:

Children’s books for sale

Mostly older, more wholesome books of various interest and titles.  Please e-mail me for a list.  I am reducing my library and the books are reasonably priced. 

E-mail Joan at:

Memory Skills Made Easy 

Helping kids with autism and ADD remember  more of what they study….

Endorsed by Dr. Temple Grandin and has various testimonials from families whose kids struggle with learning issues.  

Any good resources for educational DVD’s or videos that are for children who have Down syndrome?

We were wondering if you know of some good resources for educational DVD's or videos that would teach children with Down syndrome.  We home school and are looking for some videos to supplement and reinforce learning. We have an 11-year old and a 5-year-old.

John & Lisa

Activity Card sets for early reading skills in Phonics and Basic Sight Word recognition.  Each card is designed as a mini-lesson for better focus of attention. 

Free catalog available at:  

or write to: C Koch, 503 Madrona  Way NE, Bainbridge Island, WA  98110

What is it like to struggle with learning?

Getting To First Base—Chris Struggles to Read  By Maggie Dail, MA

   Now available, … “A novel explaining from a kid’s point of view what it is like to struggle with some challenges.  It is tender and gently revealing.” — Diane McAlister, Family Academy 

More reviews and ordering info:

 Maggie Dail, MA Neurodevelopmentalist

Associate Member of ICAN

(253) 581-1588  

Lessons Interactive is an innovative educational program that allows students to learn interactively with a teacher using the internet. This means you can learn a variety of subjects, from mathematics to music, with the help of a real teacher who you can talk to and see on your computer.

 All you need is a willingness to learn in a whole new way!

 If you want to know more about Lessons Interactive, please see our web site at

Hi, I was wondering if I could offer my services for respite in the Pierce and Kitsap county area.. We have two special needs children whom we homeschool. We will charge $10.00 per hour. Our house is fully wheelchair assessable. We will also homeschool clients children if they desire.

Thanks and God bless, Vickie

My e-mail is:  

Super Duper Publications

I am a former Speech-Language Pathologist who used to work at Hidden Treasure Christian School.  I am now a stay-at-home mom who plans to homeschool some day.  I wanted to offer you one of my favorite sources for materials to use with special needs children and families.  These are easy to use and of great quality.  When I needed new materials most of them came from this company.  It is called Super Duper Publications.  Their web site even offers some free downloads of activities for you.

Tara Dotson  M.S.  CCC-SLP 

Protect Your Clothing

Bright, cheerful bibs with pocket

Soft Opaque plastic backing

Age Appropriate material

(Infant to adult sizes)

Sandi Holt


*miniature sample available upon request*

Special Needs Children Training Doll - Hands On Learning

Children with special health care needs require training for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals. “Nickie” is an anatomical doll that is used to practice medical device training for special needs children. The Nickie doll includes four medical devices: a gastrostomy button, a tracheostomy tube, a PICC line and an intermittent urethral catheter. Additionally, School nursing care plans for special
education students are included with the training doll.   (480)807-6300

Functional Neurological Development

I work with special needs children, slow learners, and much more.

E-mail:    Phone: (303)674-4465    

12/05  Marblesoft  =  Special Kids Deserve Special Software

Marblesoft has been providing software to special education since 1983. Our programs feature multiple difficulty levels and the greatest variety of options for parent or teacher control. Single-and-dual switch scanning are built in, as well as natural speech prompting and a recording management system to track your child's progress.

Let us show you how learning on the computer can be easy and fun for your child. Call today for a free catalog or visit us online at:

12301 Central Ave NE; Suite 205; Blaine, MN  55434     (763)755-1402

12/05 and the Psychology Department at the University of Tennessee at Martin are conducting a second survey on the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This survey is for mothers of children with ASD as well as mothers of normally developing children who are ten years of age or younger. Mothers who participate in the survey will receive a free ABA program to teach their child to follow directions as well as free ABA mini programs for common problems like sharing.

To take the survey please go to

12/05  Time4Learning provides online learning popular with homeschoolers, particularly for challenged children. The student-paced interactive curriculum covers Preschool to Eighth Grade. Time4Learning

12/05 Fast Track Action Reading (complete and excellent shape) for sale, $55ppd. It is the “fast and fun method…mastering reading skills. Art, games, body movements and music are all used to create a fun and active learning experience. The reading program teaches the sounds and patterns of our language with six audio cassettes, visual aid flashcards, and a 100 page workbook. The Fast Track learning method works for everyone...preschoolers, students of all ages, even persons with symptoms of dyslexia and other learning disabilities…even those raised in homes where “English is not.”

Please e-mail Linda at, if interested.

12/05 Christian Adoption Ministry Here to Serve You!

Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries of Spokane, Washington exists to encourage, educate and equip believers in their pre-and post-adoptive and foster parenting needs! Kingdom Kids provides a grant/fundraising program, Christian Adoption Resources and Adoption Conferences around the country.

To contact us call 1-509-465-3520 (1-877-465-3520)

or check us out on the web at:

     12/05 ICAN-DO It's a great program! National website is  national phone

     number is (253) 588-5177   This is information for ICAN-- International Christian Association

     of Neurodevelopmentalists. My personal info is:


     Cyndi Ringoen

     P.O. Box 9822

     Spokane, WA  99209

     (509) 2922937


Wood pieces for Handwriting Without Tears program by Jan Olsen. I have been making and selling these for over six years. I sell them for $15.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

Bill Drueke

(616) 871-0095

3421 Pullman Ct, SE-Caledonia,MI 49316

12/05    Stevenson Learning Skills

Younger and older children who are struggling with learning to read will find this program easy to use. Mnemonics helps them remember letters and spelling rules.

—We’ve used Stevenson Learning Skills this year. This method of helping children remember letters and spelling rules really works. We especially like its usefulness in teaching older children who learn differently. - Sherry Bushnell - NATHHAN  Stevenson/Semple   1-800-343-1211

Special Needs Educational Consulting (including ABA program assistance)

Would you like some extra help designing an effective homeschooling program for you child with special needs?

I am a Christian homeschooling mother of a son with autism and with 8+ years experience. I am listed as a special needs consultant with HSLDA. I Specialize in individualized curriculum planning, customized teaching tips, choosing and/or modifying curriculum, and educational strategies. I can also help families who would like to implement ABA therapy themselves for their children with autism but cannot afford to pay outside therapists and/or ABA professionals. I have been doing ABA and Verbal Behavior (among other therapies) with my son for 7 years and have learned from the best professionals. All consultations are by phone and e-mail so I work with clients across the U.S.

Offered by Mary Gusman

To learn more, visit:


Phone: (949) 888-5953 

*Mention NATHHAN to receive a FREE 30-minute phone consultation!

10/04 Based on the neurodevelopment flash card approach and used by ICAN, the In A Flash Series computer program is a fun and innovative way to teach children of all ability levels the ABC’s and sight reading.  Visit us at for a free online demonstration.

6/09/04  Here is a great site that offers home practice videos for sound practice.  The featured sound is the R sound 3-Video Series.  *We now offer baby support cushions for children with or without special needs. It provides much needed support for babies who need help sitting up unsupported or learning how to crawl. It's firm and durable but soft. It would especially help parents with children who have low muscle tone. Diane Gowaty, M.A., CCC-SLP


6/9/04  First Strokes Multisensory Handwriting Program - a full multi-sensory curriculum with a manual, workbooks ( upper and lower case), CD with the Billy the Seal Stroybook, student multi-sensory tutorial, and printable extra practice pages, stamps, and storybook.  This program was designed by an occupational therapist for students who struggle with handwriting, reversals, writing within the handwriting lines, sequencing letters, and grasp.  The 6th chapter includes handwriting development, multi-sensory handwriting techniques, grasp development and remedial strategies is informative to parents.  It is marketed nationwide to schools and homeschoolers, and is used at The Handwriting Clinic in Plano, Texas

6/9/04  Dyslexia Online is a new online magazine that offers information on and resources for dyslexia

6/9/04  Just an FYI: For special needs toys, books, and other learning aids go to Free lending organization (paid for with grant) including free shipping and handling. Easy to register.

6/9/04  Fun new math with LEGO blocks.  Learn math by building and having fun.  This activity book can be downloaded in seconds at     Grab those LEGO blocks and learn Addition, Subtraction,  Division, Geometry, Patterns and much more.   Teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and grandparents need to motivate children to excel in  math. The book "Lock Block Logic " is the best.   Don’t go to the bookstore, order it online and get it delivered  to your computer immediately. The newest way to get books.  

Just visit - (Editors note: web site registered as coming soon/under construction 7/11/07)

6/9 For Sale: Books for Christian children, with Braille added. Blind adults can read aloud to children, or blind children can follow along while they listen.  I have finished over 50 books, and am selling them at low prices. lease look over my list at

(Editor's note: These books have been put into Braille  by Denise Ferrin, She is a V.I. Teacher from CA. and has been very helpful to many NATHHAN families, including ours.)

6/9/04 Custom Made Clothing For Special Needs Children or Adults -- Would there be an interest in any of your readers in using the services of someone who does custom sewing? My daughter has her own sewing and alterations business. She specializes in women's and girl's modest and ladylike dresses, jumpers, skirts for any occasion. She also alters and can modify patterns of your own or of your own clothing. Modesty has always been a major focus within our family. And seldom being able to find loose fitting clothing or dresses & skirts long enough to cover modestly and that look pretty and feminine, we've turned to making most of our clothes. Contact Cheryl Danz

03/16/01 The Forever Ongoing Curriculum and Resource Guidebook for Homeschoolers

Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran homeschooler of a special needs, gifted/talented or regular child, everyone will benefit from this resource guide. There is well researched, insightful information in areas of: academics, audio/video, educational books/magazines educational/recreational facilities, OT/PT, speech, /language/ support groups, testing, therapy programs, web sites and more. To order "THE FOREVER ONGOING CURRICULUM AND RESOURCE GUIDEBOOK FOR HOMESCHOOLERS" Contact the author Claudia Robinson 4353 Farquhar Ave. Los Alamitos, CA 90720 562-430-2041 Price $25.00 includes shipping and handling.