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Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic

RFB&D 20 Roszel Road

Princeton, NJ 08540


Please visit Audiblox is a system of cognitive exercises, aimed at the development of the skills foundational to reading, writing and mathematics. Audiblox is effective for dyslexia and a variety of other learning difficulties. Regards, Benetta Strydom.


Communication Aids for Children and Adults

Crestwood Co. (414) 352-5678  


Communication\Therapy Skill Builders

555 Academic Court

San Antonio, TX 78204-2498



ECL Publications

P.O. Box 26

Youngtown, AZ 85363 (602) 974-4560

Speech/Language Pathology, Special Education


Pro Ed 

Speech, Language and Hearing resources

(512) 451-3246


Janelle Publications

(800) 888 8834

Creative Speech and Language Materials


 The Speech Bin

1965 Twenty-Fifth Avenue

Vero Beach, FL 32960

A and Canada: Toll Free

1-800-4-SPEECH (1-800-477-3324)



Contact: Jan Jarrell Binney

Computer Software - Instructional, Publishers/Publications, Gifts, Articulation Practice Mtrls., Bilingual Mtrls., Cognitive Rehab., Lang. Practice, Stuttering, Swallowing & Voice/Resonance Mtrls.


Mayer - Johnson Company

augmentative Communication Products

P.O. Box 1579

Solana Beach, CA 92075

(619) 550-0084


RJ Cooper and Associates

24843 Del Prado #283

 Point, CA 92629

1-800-RJ Cooper 949-661-6904


Computer resources for disabled children



The BRIGANCE Diagnostic Inventories

Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills Revised


<<Buy it here



Curriculum Associates

1 (800) 225 0248 Brigance Inventories

Stuttering Foundation of America 3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603 Memphis, TN 38111-0749











Help your child communicate with the Stages Learning Materials ---Full-color, photographic flash cards that have been professionally designed to teach children with autism. Call Stages Learning Materials to order or for your free color brochure: Toll-Free (888) 501-8880.