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What Can We Do, Mom?

Fun craft and activities By Sherry Bushnell


Sparkling Sun Set

Need to get together:


White card stock or construction paper.

Elmers glue (white)

Table salt and rock salt

Food coloring


1.) Outside on the patio, side walk or on newspaper on the table, dribble a lot of glue all over the paper.


2.) Sprinkle two handfuls of rock salt on the wet glue.


3.)Sprinkle two handfuls of table salt on wet glue.


4.) Scatter drops of each food coloring (or a mixture pre-made) over the salt.


5.) Let it dry in the sun.

Child can feel the sunset in the rough texture of the salt and examine the crystals. Get out the microscope!


Puppets that children can really relate too!

You need to get together:

Popsicle sticks

White glue

Cut out pictures of pets, family, or friends.


1.) Put a little bit of glue on one end of the popsicle stick

2.) put a picture on each stick

3.) While is dries, set up a theatre with a blanket over a table or box and give a real life lesson puppet show.

Facilitates speech and sentence structure.


Cotton Ball across the table

Need to get together:


1 fresh cotton ball for each person

1 straw for each person


Sit in a line on one side of the table

Use the straw to blow the cotton ball across the table the furthest.


This activity usually degenerates into tossing the straw aside and just blowing. It has been really good for helping our son Jordan, with DS to develop breath control and lip movements for speech.


Make a Legg’s Person and Cut Their Hair.


1 Legg’s panty hose egg for each person


grass seed

Felt pencil

Cardboard round to hold up the Legg upright.


Talk about the features of the face, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. Use a mirror to help them find their own features. Use a marker to make a face on each Legg. Fill the Legg with dirt. Moisten with water. Plant grass seed quite thickly. Place in sunny warm spot. Watch the grass grow, watering it daily.

When the grass is several inches high, get out the scissors and let each person give the Legg person a hair cut. Water grass again and cut again as long as interest lasts. Fertilize as needed.


Development of facial-body scheme. Eye-hand coordination as child learns to cut hair.