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Deuteronomy Dads

A Series of Articles Over The Years By Tom Bushnell

Summer 1993 Generational Sins?

Fall 1993 Is It Always God's Will To Heal?

Spring 1994 What It Means, "To Lead Your Family"

Fall 1994 Exceptions To The Rule

Spring 1995 Contentment with Special Needs?

Summer 1995 Becoming More like David, A Man After God's Own Heart

Spring 1996 Fathers Living a Disciplined Life

Summer 1996 Protecting Our Children From the Entertainment Bug

Fall 1996  A Peaceful Home

Spring 1997 A Vision For My Family

Summer 1997

Fall 1997 - Developing a Godly Home

Winter 97/98 Deuteronomy Dads - Are Our Children Tuning Us Out, Are They Ignoring Our Words?