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Dairy Substitutes   

We have 3 children with cow’s milk sensitivities. We have only bought about 4 gallons of milk for our family of 5 in the past 8 months. Even I (mom) feel so much better without it.

    Need a milk substitute? Rice milk is a favorite of ours; soy milk also works. For baking, a very cheap yet good substitute for milk is potato water. When you cook potatoes, drain the water into a jar to refrigerate, before you serve the potatoes. I really enjoy potato water in baking. Actually, some yeast breads and rolls ask for it.

    I only read recently that the #1 food for causing hyper children is hydrogenated fats, (in the book "STOP ADD, ADHD, ODD" by Dr Robert DeMario, 2003). Margarines and shortenings are manufactured with a burst of hydrogen and do not help to give all the cells in our bodies the right fats they need. Omega 6 fats include oils such as corn, sunflower, olive, etc. Omega 3 good foods include flax seed and flax seed oil, salmon and leafy greens. Supposedly, when we eat proper fats we become healthier and calmer. At any rate, I bought olive and corn oil instead of margarine last week.

On substitutes for sugar—my favorite is honey. Honey on pancakes, honey on French toast, honey in cookies and cakes. For each 1 cup of white sugar asked for, I substitute about 1/3 c honey. We like 1/3 cup sorghum molasses for each 1 cup brown sugar.

We have one cerebral palsy boy, age 5, and one hyperactive boy, age 4. God made and designed them both. When we stick to healthier foods and drinks they are indeed nicer to be with. Our 4-year-old will get wild on several additives, including Red #40 and BTH (to preserve cereals). What is BHT anyway?

    May God continue to help you in your special work.

        Charlene in MO