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Elizabeth A Time to Weep and A Time to Laugh

By Lisa Saunders,  Review by Sherry Bushnell  845-369-6624

Ever felt like sitting down and gobbling a book, cover to cover?

This is it! Lisa has successfully captured my heart. 

  While taking 2 weeks of off-my-feet type rest after my daughter was born, I was able to digest with pleasure this book. It touched my emotions and gave me valuable insights into the lives and feelings of families with severe special needs kids. 

  Whether you are wanting to learn more about what it is like to give birth and raise a child with microcephaly or possibly adopt a child like Elizabeth, this book is for you.

  Laying bare her heart, Lisa shows mothers and fathers that, although not always easy, raising a child with profound needs with joy is possible.

   Professionals should stand up and take notice of this resource as a way to better understand families experiencing the challenge of giving birth and raising severely affected children.

  Rejoice with Lisa and Elizabeth over Godís wonderful gifts!