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NATHHAN Brochures are available

NATHHAN/CHASK now offers 4 brochures that tell you all about what we do:

  • The NATHHAN brochure - All about homeschooling and special needs.

  • The CHASK brochure - CHASK works as a matching agency for birth moms to families that can raise the special needs child they aren't able to. We also encourage these moms that there is help and hope if they want to raise the child on their own.

  • The Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis brochure - For placement at crisis pregnancy         centers and abortion clinics to let birth moms know there is another option.

  • The Straight Talk brochure - Speech curriculum you can do at home!

We need you to get the word out to parents and families in need of support and encouragement. To request any of these brochures to distribute in your area, call or e-mail us here at the office and let us know how many you need.

    (208) 267-6246 or 1-800-266-9837     email-