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A Testimony of what the Gift of Adoption Fund Has Done

From the Dillon Family

    Happy Day! Today we went to court and finalized our adoption of Monica! Thanks again for being instruments of God's will in the adoption of our little sweetheart. We love you and we pray for your ministry every day. What you are doing with these CHASK children is so wonderful and is very close to the heart of God I'm sure.

    You might want to tell NATHHAN / CHASK families about a place that gives grants for adoption expenses to families who don't have a lot of money. They particularly like to give money to families adopting a special needs child. They gave us $2,000 to help us pay our attorney fees for Monica. Their grants are between $2,000 and $4,500 I think. It is not supposed to pay for all of the adoption expenses, but just help out with them.

Here is the information:

Gift of Adoption Fund

101 East Pier Street, 1st Floor

Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074

Phone Toll Free 1-877-905-2367

or 1-262-268-1386



Love, Andy and Linda Dillon, Camano Island, WA