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Grandparents of Kids with Autism

I've been looking tonight for a group mentioned on a little email group I recently subscribed to and I've not yet found what I was looking for but I've found several interesting sites. Since several of you have moms (or Betty you ARE the grandmother guardian of your grandsons) who are very much into helping with your kids, I thought you might be interested in knowing of this group. I was really impressed at Autism Oasis 2001, how many grandmothers were there with their daughters. I thought that would be wonderful to have a grandma so involved with the child's need. Love, Carol

GrandparentofASDkids Grandparents of kids on the autism spectrum

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This group is for grandparents who have a grandchild on the Autistic Spectrum, and is in some way involved in their life. For those of us who love that child more than life itself, and will do anything to see them reach their full potential.

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