God's Special Child by Donna and Ellis Adee

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 "The authors have had 27 years of experience raising a son with special needs. This is his story. To update their information, they interview 30 parents who are currently raising and educating their children with special needs.

    Several of Donna's articles dealing with special needs children have been published in the NATHHAN / CHASK newsletter and the Prader Willi Syndrome newsletter. Parents of special needs children will appreciate the many practical ideas for dealing with these children without neglecting their own needs, or those of their "normal" children.

    In a warm, family-to-family manner, God's Special Child answers hard question Christian parents of disabled children must sooner or later face. This scripturally based, one-of-a-kind resource will encourage anyone who reads it."

       - Tom Bushnell,

Director of NATHHAN /CHASK  -National Challenged Homeschoolers


   " This book is much needed to meet the need of children with special needs whether public, private, or home schooled. The authors, through their experiences, have demonstrated that working with the special needs child in the home is very feasible, practical and logical approach to their educational needs. I believe every parent of children with special needs should read this book."

        - Tom Hunsberger,

Learning Disorders Teacher, Maryland