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 Built upon the Tomatis Method, Advanced Brain Technologies created The Listening Program™ (TLP) in 1999. TLP is a non-invasive, home-based, 8-week auditory re-training program designed to enhance listening skills and remediate auditory perceptual distortions while providing a pleasant listening experience. Honeybee Listening is structured to deliver support to clients both locally and at a distance. TLP may help with: attentional problems, learning problems, central auditory processing difficulties, difficulty retaining information, sound sensitivities, energy level, confidence, and receptive /expressive language problems.

COST: $525 + S&H includes TLP Kit (8 compact disk program and 112-page handbook – yours to keep) and Service Agreement for one person. Cost does not include headphones, CD player, or extension CDs.

To find out if TLP is appropriate for you or your child, you may request a listening checklist to be emailed to you. Please include your home phone number and best time to call for your free initial consultation. Informational packets also available upon request.

To find an Authorized Provider of The Listening Program™ contact