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Hello, fellow homeschoolers!

 I am a Christian homeschooling mother of 10 from California. I would like information on what it is like in Idaho. We are considering a move, and will probably be visiting Idaho a couple of times in the next year. Idaho is our main consideration because of its conservativism (moral climate) and also that there is little (no?) humidity in the summer. Our main reasons for  relocating would be to find a more safe, moral environment; more Biblical (not perfect) churches; wholesome activities, friendly neighborhoods, etc.       Please forward to others who may have time to respond to this.

A few  questions I have are...

• What area do you live in, do you like it, and why?

 •Do you know of a family-friendly (no youth groups and numerous programs that

divide and separate the family) church that you would recommend? (We currently have a house church and would like to know of any of those, as well.)

•Are there a lot of mid-rif exposed, multi-pierced youth in your area?

•Do you know of neighborhoods or areas with a lot of conservative Christian homeschoolers? (We have a lot of liberal homeschoolers here - Christian families who allow almost anything regarding movies, dress, etc.) By the way, by 'dress' I don't mean that I'm for 'dresses only', but a little modesty would be refreshing!

•What about the weather? Anyone formerly from CA that could tell us what adjustments we'd have to make? (We're from the South SF Bay Area).

•What about business opportunities? Our family is entrepreneurial and used to high-end (rich) clients.

•Are there many Constitution party types there, or mostly Republican?

What about produce? This is where Californians are spoiled! Strawberries, watermelons, peaches, etc. plentiful in the summer? Expensive?

•Is there a Costco and/or a Home Depot in your area?    Anything else you can think of would be helpful! I am very much obliged to all who can respond.   

In Christ, and looking for a Christian-permeated area in which to raise our children,