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Individual Education Planning Manual

For the Homeschool Handicapped Student


IEPs are now easy! Create your child’s professional looking IEP specific to the special needs of your student.

Menu of IEP goals!  Chronological Age-Appropriate Activities for students with handicaps offers a non-exhaustive menu of ideas from which to draw.


“Spring board” for ideas.  Its purpose is to function as a resource for designing, adapting, and validating skill requirements.


Listing of professional terms that equal ordinary skills (folding socks=fine motor,  3 sequence directions= giving your child three tasks to accomplish in order)

Reasonable in cost. This 200 page manual can be used over and over each year and for more than one child.  A true investment for years to come.


See order form on page 29-30 of the NATHHAN/CHASK NEWS, or visit the Resource Room.