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02/07 Please forgive my ignorance, if I come off wishing for something that is unobtainable. I am wondering is there a home school support group that is out there anywhere that meets together with the whole family, not just moms? If so I am interested in starting one or going to one. I am in Grand Rapids, MI. The leader of the group here feels everyone is to busy especially her to have a family night at least once a month. Am I dreaming of such a support group. Could you please help by giving me your advice from you experiences of flourishing and failed support groups. I just want to have my husband fellowship with other husbands and my children fellowship with other children who deal with disability everyday just like they do. Home schooling a disabled child is not just a Mom thing its a family thing and if Mom need support so do dads and siblings.

I do appreciate your time to e-mail me back.



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