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New Jersey Support Groups

Hello, I live in Williamstown,  NJ.  I have been trying to start a support group for home schooled child disabled or not who need with with interacting with others.  If anyone is interest please e-mail me at or call at 856-262-3936   Thank-you   Brenda


I wanted to let everyone know about a new support group in the northern NJ area. It's for families using dietary intervention for their kids with special needs. We will be discussing the GFCF diet, Feingold diet, and any related topics. If anyone's interested, please let me know!
Marilyn Rose


Hello! I am a Christian freelance teacher certified in Deafness/Hearing Impairments and Blindness/Vision Impairments. I recently was referred to your website by my sister-in-law who has previously homeschooled my three nieces. I am excited at the potential to serve families in Southern NJ/Philadelphia area who have either hearing impaired/visually impaired/deafblind children. Can you point me in the right direction? In His service!

Lynda Goetz


Lumberton, NJ


We are looking for anyone in northern NJ using or thinking of using the Feingold diet for their kids. There are no meetings scheduled as yet, and anyone who contacts us will be getting in on the "ground floor" and be a part of that planning.

So if anyone's interested in meeting with us, or simply getting further info, they should simply call me at (973) 243-9439 between 9-2 weekdays and I will give them any further info. How's that? Marilyn Rose

There is now a support/activity group in northern NJ for disabled homeschoolers, ages 5-14 and their families! Special Angels of Northern NJ is now up and running! We will be doing lots of fun activities throughout the year--playgroups, crafts, field trips, Girl Scouts (I am a leader), mom's nights out, and even a non-denominational Christian Sunday School. Suggestions welcome! We're based in suburban Essex county. A young adult group (ages 13-21) will be added if there is sufficient interest.

Please visit my website at and if you want further information, you can e-mail me from the site. Looking forward to meeting you! Marilyn