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Our Charity

by Elizabeth Goulding

    Charity Rose has been such a joy in our lives for over two years now. She is a delight and a blessing and a gift. We were praying for her long before she came to us. We waited almost two years for this little girl from the time that we first attended an informational meeting about CHASK until the day when the phone call came announcing her arrival into the world. It may very well have been one of the happiest days of my life...What can you say when God gives more than you ever thought you could ask for? Many, perhaps most people thought we were crazy to adopt when our youngest child was seven months at that time, but I could relate story after story of how our lives have been touched, and made better because of this little girl. She is special!
    One example, is how our older children in particular have become very sensitive to people with disabilities. They reach out to other children who are different and who need friends. They are not afraid of others who make "funny" noises, or act strangely. I have observed them watch for a moment then quickly decide that this must be one of God's extra special people! They are particularly excited when we find another child with Down Syndrome who looks like their Charity. As a mother I am thrilled to see my children loving others regardless of the disability that sets them apart from the norm.
    In regard to our Charity, one of our favorite scriptures is Psalm 139. We love to read it again and again, mindful of the fact that God made her unique, and without mistake. He didn't have an "oops" moment, since He always makes us in His image!
    I imagine God knitting her together inside of her mother's womb. I can guess that it was especially fun for Him, as he chose her eye and hair color to match our family perfectly. He probably laughed out loud as He fashioned her fat little fingers that curve in their own special way. I am sure that it was with extra tenderness that He gave her body one extra chromosome that would forever set her apart to be "one of those" people. He knew that "those" people are gifts and without doubt He chose our family to be a part of His amazing plan. I could just about weep with thankfulness for His goodness. Charity was made without error and without mistake.

She was planned before time and she is a precious part of our family.

Will and Elizabeth Goulding and their family