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Picture Word Books

Check out this new product for beginning reading children. It's not only a quality spiral-bound reading book (5.1 x 8.2"), but it includes a complete set of matching picture and text cards for story reconstruction exercises.
These cards are heavy laminated (both sides) for longevity in a rough environment. They also have self-correcting controls printed on the backs so testing may be optional and sorting is easy.
The spiral bound reading-story book can be used as a beginning activity for younger students (emergent readers), and/or as a "further reading" activity for the more advanced readers.
The books with two lines of text are for increasing difficulty use. The entire set is packaged in a convenient cardboard box with lid for storage and carrying.
Costs vary from $26.40 to $37.60 depending on page count. Also, the complete set of all 5 story books with matching cards is available for $119.60 ($ 31.40 savings). For complete details, visit the website at: