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PODS- Potty Training Solutions


    I found two things that I'd like to share. One is a book that comes from the Children's Memorial Hospital of Chicago Dept. of Urology.

They have a program called Try for Dry. The book is called "Getting to Dry" and costs $14.95 through Borders. It can be picked up at Barnes and Nobles, too.

      I asked if they were used to working with children with all kinds of backgrounds. Our youngest children were in multiple placements, suffered through two disruptions and were abused in at least two foster homes. We feel certain that this is part of the reason our son has not been successful at remaining dry at night.

         Next, the library book had an add for PODS. These adhere to your child's underpants much like sanitary napkins. I have not used them, but did order some after reading about them. The thought is that some children acquaint that "warm, cozy feeling of wet diapers" from their infancy to the same feel they get from pull ups. For our son, it might be a reminder of life with his birth family. We need to retrain his brain. PODS allow air circulation through the underpants so they cool quickly. It says they are absorbent enough to "contain the trickles and puddles", but still let children feel the wetness. 

    The way I see it, $14.95 is a small price to pay if it works and I'm not paying for pull ups anymore. Hope this is helpful. Remember that some children do have small bladders and other physical challenges that make it harder for them to train. We did speak with our family Dr. to be sure we weren't missing something medical/physical.