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Sleep Dry

We used a particular buzzer system designed for kids which includes a chart for star stickers. When the child has 30 dry nights, the parent can order (for free) a little star pin for the child to wear. The star chart worked well for us, and after a couple of weeks I went ahead and ordered the pin because I wanted to have it ready the morning my child got her 30th star.

  My daughter was thrilled to fill her star chart and earn her star pin, and we disconnected the buzzer the day she got her 30th star and put the pin on her PJs instead. She wore it for a few weeks and then lost interest as she had moved beyond needing any reinforcers for dry nights. She has only had one wet night in the year and a half since using the buzzer system.


    I recommend this particular system - the Sleep-Dry Program from StarChild Labs

(tel. 800-346-7283). It cost us about $60 but was worth every single cent!!!