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Irving Texas

 I am looking for other families in the Ft. Worth, TX area with dyslexic children. I have a son, 12, who we have homeschooled all 7 years. I have been using the Scottish Rite Dyslexia Reading Program which has been great. Currently, my son is taking 2 classes (history & science - we do everything else at home) at a school for children with learning disabilities. I still feel that we need something more. I really lean toward the idea of getting these kids involved where their passions lie, as a means of possibly preparing them for future jobs. But I haven't a clue as to how to do this. Anyone else out there in my area who would like to start a support group...or is there one already started that I could join in on? Thanks! Debbie at



AUSTIN TEXAS I was at our local homeschool association at a lecture on Dyslexia when several of us had a question about whether there was a support group for teen dyslexics and their homeschool mothers. If there is one, is there a chapter or local group in the Austin, TX area? There were several at the meeting but we thought you could tell us if there is something already in place. Hope you can help us. Jennifer Pollastro