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Help! Toilet Training Toughie!

We had tried everything with our 9 year old daughter and were very frustrated. She is diabetic, so high blood sugars can have some effect on urine control, also. We were taught about deep sleepers, and how this can run in families.

The recommendation was to use an alarm. Though it is waking them in the night, it only wakes them if they begin urinating so their brain can make the connection. We found one through a company online that is placed in the child's underwear, with the alarm worn on their clothes. Our daughter has made considerable progress. She has had several dry nights, and has woken on her own to use the toilet in the night several times. She is pleased with the success, even though she wasn't thrilled with the monitor at first. Our hope is that with a few more weeks of practice, she may be able to go "on her own".

If you are interested in this approach, the company's name is Koregon Enterprises, and it is located in Oregon. The phone is 1-800-544-4240. The unit and two pads for females, with shipping, cost us about $75, but has been well worth it.