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Waiting with Gabriel

Review by Susan  


    I work at the Pregnancy Counseling Center in Michigan. We have your brochures, information at our center in the event that we have a mother with an adverse diagnosis. It means so much to know that your program exists.    

     I am writing to let know about a book, that you might not be aware of, that has made a significant difference for two mothers I know who have experienced prenatal loss. The book came into my hands when the author sent the manuscript to Loyola Press in Chicago where my husband works.  The book is "Waiting with Gabriel" by Amy Kuebelbeck, published by Loyola Press.     I was just talking tonight with a mother who had an adverse diagnosis at 37 wks and birth at 42 wks, with her daughter living 9 hours. She mentioned that this book had a significant impact on how she and her family approached this experience. Another woman volunteering at our center (and in her early twenties) shared that the book had the same impact for her. She had learned of an adverse diagnosis early in her first pregnancy resulting in her baby being stillborn at full-term. 

    The book is the very well-written story of one couple's journey through a difficult pregnancy following an adverse diagnosis, and the subsequent death of their baby. The author presents her and her husband's experience in a way that other women/couples easily connect with her and are able to apply what they read to their own circumstances.     

    I thought I would pass this information along to you because you have contact with women with an adverse diagnosis who might find in Amy's journey insight, support and comfort during their own. Amy is also available by phone, if that would be of interest to anyone with whom you have contact.  

God bless you in your service to families,