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01/17/02 I work with Dove Adoptions International, a Nonprofit Christian-owned adoption agency in Portland. Dove Adoptions helps Americans adopt Russian children (including Special Needs Children) of all ages.

We wish to present short seminars to as many Christian, family-values groups/ministries in the Northwest as possible (and/or send them the wonderful video, 'The Journey' , about Russian adoptions, if the venues are a far drive), to let others know about the blessing of Russian adoptions (my dear wife and I returned from Russia about 3 months ago with a girl & boy we adopted!). How to I find families in the NW who share the commitment to Homeschooling Special Needs Children in a loving home environment? As parents of a Special Needs Child (Auditory Processing, Speech Delay, Fine Motor Challenges, ADD) we know well the challenges and rewards families experience.


Sincerely, "Tres" Willets



I was a, Nathhan member last year.  I wanted to let you know that I am in the process with the people at Pc2 here in, Pierce County, Washington, of starting up a support group for parents with special needs children.  I live on the Key Peninsula, Lakebay to be exact.  I know you are familiar with it as we had a nice conversation a little over a year ago, and you told me you used to live out here.  Anyway, I'm sharing with you in case you know of people that this may interest.  I personaly home school my son, but the information has gone out through the school district and I thought you might be another avenue to get the word out.  We will be having our first meeting, Thursday, October 2nd.  It will be held at, Lakebay Christian Assembly, on McEwan Road in Lakebay.  If you need more information, please give me a  call: 253-884-0882, or email me.   I pray this will help families in this community get closer with one another for support. 

Thank you. Cinda Baldwin. YIKES!  I don't remember what time, so I will have to email you back. :) --- Cinda Baldwin --- --- EarthLink: The #1 provider of the Real Internet.