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January 2009 Financial Goals



    All of us are excited NATHHAN families being able to save before-born babies and equip parents to raise their special needs children.


$6,000.00 / month supports:

    2 full time office workers

    our computer specialist

    a book keeper

    2 volunteers

    and the Bushnell family.


Currently raising funds for the Spring/Summer 2009 magazine:

    Total cost to send out to everyone on the data base is $10,000

    Just members and adoptive families $5,000


Printers (reliable brands) for desk top printing.


Bus repair, so we can make a road trip to Texas this summer.


To make a donation click here using Visa, Master or Discover Card

Or phone (208) 267-6246

Or send Check or Money Order to:


PO Box 310

Moyie Springs, ID 83845