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Bed Wetting


    The doctors explained to us that it is not uncommon for boys to have bed-wetting problems. They explained that their nervous systems are immature and when they get into a deep sleep they are not awoken from sleep as we would be. It was not a behavior issue with our son. They tried medication when he was 5 years old which did not work.

At 6 1/2 years our new doctor told us about a buzzer system developed out of Palco Labs in Santa Cruz, CA. It is called Wet-Stop. It was very effective for our son. It was not long before he was staying dry. Their literature states that Wet-Stop reinforces the normal bladder-to-brain messages (as the body's signal to awaken and go to the bathroom during extremely sound sleep is not registering) and teaches your child to awaken before the onset of urination. We also did not give our son anything to drink after 7PM.

If you are interested, the phone number for Palco Labs is 1-800-346-4488. They had a money back guarantee policy when we used it. My son was so relieved to have that problem taken care of, as he would wear large diapers to bed to keep his bed from getting wet at night and he did not want ANYONE to know! We used this system for him a long time ago as he is now 23 years old, but we also tried it for our adopted daughter with special needs when we were having problems with her a few years ago. It did not work for her because it turned out she has a very rare bladder disorder and is now catheterized.

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