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Young Adults With Disabilities


Shepherds College Introducing: Education and experience for adults with developmental disabilities.


The Course is Finished!  Trevor Mills of San Diego, CA and his families triumphant "graduation".  For Trevor homeschooling is done, up not his learning. By Deborah Mills, author and publisher of the IEP Manual (Individual Education Planning for the Handicapped Student.


Modesty as Protection for Our Special Needs Children - Tom and Sherry Bushnell   The Language of the Christians Clothing - by S.M Davis

High School Planning and Beyond  by Debbie Mills Fall 1996

Job Wanted: Faithful Employee for Hire -Tom and Sherry Bushnell Fall 1996

Mommy, What Is It Like To Be Old?   By Sherry Bushnell  Fall/Winter 2004-05

Teaching Skills For Life Blessing Our Children  By Sherry Bushnell   Fall/Winter 2004-05

Managing Special Needs Trust

Little Miss Persistence By Dan Bushnell  Spring / Summer 2005

Financial Planner- He's Willing to Help!

Boys Touching Their Body