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Articles About Speech and Language


Dr. MacDonald's Program: Communicating Partners by Linda Rau


Thoughts on Communication by Diane Ryckman


Encouraging Speech and Communication in our Children with Special Needs

    by Diane Ryckman


Lessons by Abigail:  Educating a Seasoned Speech-Language  Pathologist Named "Mom"


How A Parent Can Help Their Child With Stuttering - A book report on The Stuttering Foundation's Book: Treating The School Age Stutterer A Guide For Clinicians


You Can Do It! Home Based Speech and Language Therapy

 Speech \ Language Delays --Encouraging Suggestions

 Speech Suggestions Spring 1997 NATHHAN NEWS


Speech/Language Suggestions


Improving Auditory Processing - Listening to Language by Sharon Hensley Article taken from her Newsletter Turning Challenges Into Opportunities


How Do You Say That? .... People First Language, Etiquette and not offending Folks   By Sherry Bushnell


Fisher's Net- a book by Speech Therapist Diane Adame

∑ HONEYBEE LISTENING LTD.Built upon the Tomatis Method, Advanced Brain Technologies created The Listening Programô (TLP) in 1999. TLP is a non-invasive, home-based, 8-week auditory re-training program designed to...CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

 Help your child communicate with the Stages Learning Materials ---Full-color, photographic flash cards that have been professionally designed to teach children with autism. Call Stages Learning Materials to order or for your free color brochure: Toll-Free (888) 501-8880.