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Preschool Level Learning


 Teaching Reading One Step At A Time - by Diane Ryckman

Sensory Mixtures-Different Way To Have Fun With Your Special Needs Children NATHHAN News Winter 97/98

 Before Reading Begins - By Tom and Sherry Bushnell NATHHAN News Winter 97/98

Homeschool Failure? By Sherry Bushnell

Preschool and the Down Syndrome Child is for any parent who is considering teaching pre-school skills to their child, especially the child with developmental delays or mental retardation.

Rewards and Motivation by Tom and Sherry Bushnell Spring 1997 NN

Teaching Special Needs Children with Their Siblings Stephen and Ramona Hull, Sheila Scott, Tom and Sherry Bushnell,  Fall 1996  NATHHAN NEWS

Preschool Level Learning Over and Over...and Over and Over...AGAIN?  by Sherry Bushnell

Teaching Math- One Step at a Time- By Diane Ryckman

ABC Discovery- Learning Made Fun!

Brighter Starts-  Educational Toys!