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Meet the people behind NATHHAN and CHASK

Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Jacob and Renita

Linda Lamphere, ID

Ruth Allinger, ID

Shanna Friesen, ID

Joy Hale, ID

Unruh Family, ID


My House, God's Home Volunteers Over The Years:

Victoria Baxter, CO

Amy Yoder, PA

Beth Protiva, MO

  I am Amy Yoder from Ephrata, PA.  I have enjoyed and been blessed by the three months here at NATHHAN / CHASK.  A big thanks to the Bushnell family for the warm and gracious hospitality that they extended to us and for the great accommodations they provided for us.  Beth has been a great roommate, interesting conversationalist over our many cups of tea and a great friend.  Thanks Beth!  God bless all you dear families who open your hearts and homes to these little ones.  Most of all, I thank our Lord Jesus for creating them and entrusting us with these precious children.


 I am Beth Protiva, from Missouri.  I live at home with my parents, two brothers and one sister.  I appreciate all that they did so that I could spend three months here at NATHHAN / CHASK.  This has been a wonderful experience; I have been so blessed to be a part of the work here.  I spent my time helping in the office, and it has been good to work with all you great families.  Many of you have encouraged me by your example of Christ's attitude.

Bethany Headings, WA

Michelle Mast, AR

Kimmy Yoder, MT (and ShaHannah)

Hi! My name is Bethany Headings and I am eighteen years old.. .Our family was in mission work in PR for nine years before we moved to Arlington, Washington two years ago. I'm still adjusting to the rainy, gray winters here after living in the sunny tropics. I attend New Hope Mennonite Church in Marysville, Washington. I love hanging out with friends, reading, shopping, traveling, designing and sewing clothes, Starbucks, baking, and being in the middle of lots of activity. The past year and a half my job has involved working with special needs children and God has really given me a love for them.

Hi Yíall!  My name is Michelle Mast.  I am 18 years old and am from Mountain View, AR. Iím a member of Richwoods Mennonite Church and live in the Ozarks so I love the hills and mountains!   I love children and enjoy hanginí out with my friends, beiní outside, reading, sewing, scrap booking, singing and lots of other stuff that would take too much space to write about!

Iíve always wanted to do Volunteer Service work somewhere and Iím so glad God led me here to NATHHAN.

My youngest brother, Leslie (11 years old) is mentally handicapped so Iíve had lots of experience with him, but every one of Godís special children are different and need our love and understanding.