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Articles About Learning Disabilities

News -2-You A weekly online newspaper for beginning readers and individuals with special needs.

Our Experience With Learning Delays - Ginger Clausen

Learning Styles Assessments - A review of two great resources:  The Concise Learning Styles Assessment and The Homeschooler's Guide For Learning Problems

Learning by Mnemonics - a tried and true method of learning AND NATHHAN Resource Review of Stevenson Learning Skills plus Semple Math  by Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Before Reading Begins - By Tom and Sherry Bushnell NATHHAN News Winter 97/98

Homeschooling Failure? by Sherry Bushnell

Improving Auditory Processing - Listening to Language by Sharon Hensley Article taken from her Newsletter Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Learning To Teach - What To Do When Your Student's Favorite Answer is...."I Don't Know" by Sharon Hensley Article taken from her Newsletter Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

He's So Busy Learning We Forgot To Do School! An article for parents of curriculum disabled children By Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Learning Disabilities: A Label That Hurts  by Thomas Armstrong

Curriculum For Learning Disabled Students: More Than Just Textbooks and Workbooks by Dr. Joe Sutton PhD

Standard Curricula Not Enough for LD Students By Dr. Joe Sutton, Ph.D. Fall 1994

What's In A Label? By Joyce Herzog

Of Daffodils and Diesels  Author Unknown

How Do I Help My Child With Severe Learning Problems? By Joyce Herzog

Custom Fitting A Program For the Learning Disabled Child - Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Teaching The Reluctant Learner by Terry Spray

10 Tips for Homeschooling With Learning Disabilities

Teaching Math- One Step at a Time By Dian Ryckman

ABC Discovery- Learning Made Fun

Retrain the Brain Therapeutic Music

Making Lessons Simple By Diane Ryckman

Support Web-sites:    www.enchantedlearing.htm

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