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"Listening for Wellness" by Pierre Sollier, based on the Tomatis method of helping people with dyslexia, ADD autism, etc. The late Dr. Tomatis's wife says the following about this book: "This is not a simple introduction, but a masterly presentation of the discoveries of my late husband, Dr. Alfred Tomatis" you can browse the book at Or try   










The Little Acorn

I wanted to introduce myself to your group. My name is Erin Hopf, and I have a daughter with Cystic Fibrosis. When she was diagnosed I created a health journal to help organize all of her medical information. Soon her CF Clinic asked me to make more for the other parents. The Little Acorn now offers "Juggling Cystic Fibrosis", "Juggling Down Syndrome", "Juggling Cerebral Palsy", “Juggling Asthma”, “Juggling Diabetes”, “Juggling Autism”, “Juggling ADD/ADHD”, “Juggling Epilepsy”, “A Woman’s Health Journal”, "Healthy Kids" and more...all health journals with "need specific" pages to help keep information organized and together.

I have a website which explains in greater detail about The Little Acorn, and why I started it for other parents just like myself. The web address is:

Are you aware that the way in which letter sounds are taught can either help or hinder a child in the process of learning to read?

ABC Discovery Kindergarten Phonics and Reading Program is especially useful to children who are experiencing difficulty in learning to read.  In fact, it was with them in mind that I wrote the program.

Several aspects of the ABC Discovery program contribute to children learning how to read letters correctly.

(1) As each letter is introduced, children are made aware of the way in which they make that sound in their mouths.  This strengthens the association between the letter sound and the printed symbol. It also enables the parent to correct faulty speech patterns as they teach reading.

(2) Many hands-on opportunities are provided, including building words with letter cards prior to writing and reading them.

(3) Confusion is avoided through use of a controlled vocabulary and introduction of a single phonetic pattern, consonant-vowel-consonant.

 (4) Each lesson proceeds step-by-step from the kinesthetic review and instruction to the final reading of the story in the Phonetic Reader.

Recently, I used the program with a mentally-challenged ten-year-old who could print letters but could not read.  In  about an hour he had learned eight letter sounds and was able to read page one of the Phonetic Reader.

The ABC Discovery does this in a way that captures the imagination and interest of children. In addition, the letter lessons are organized in such a way that relationships between letter sounds can be readily recognized and demonstrated. This serves to strengthen phonemic awareness and also enables the parent/teacher to correct any faulty speech patterns that may exist. A remedial program based on the same principles is also available.

To learn more about the K program, 

For information about either program, e-mail 

Or call toll free:

(866) 734-6261


For those of us that  have a child who has learning delays or is mentally disabled around the preschool level, having run out of ideas on how to teach them to handle frustration appropriately, we suggest the book the Parent’s Guide to Attention Deficit Disorders.

This book published by Hawthorne is available through them at 1-800-542-1673.



Homeschooling The Challenging Child  by Christine M. Field

In this book, Christine Field discusses how to homeschool a challenging child.  What is a challenging child?  Essentially, she says that any child who demands special effort or dedication is a challenging child.  I like that definition, because many of the children who are held up as examples of the success of homeschooling can be challenging.

There are several things that make this book valuable to homeschoolers.  First, Christine Field dispels a lot of myths that seem so prevalent in the homeschooling community.  Second, Field dispels the myth that you should not make use of the evaluation services provided by the public school system or the child psychology community.  Most importantly, the author dispels the myth that learning disabilities are discipline problems.

Ordering details:

ISBN# 080543078-4

Published by: Boardman and Holman Publishers

 Available at:  1-800-247-4784



Waiting with Gabriel By Amy Kuebelbeck; Loyola Press

This book is the very well-written story of one couple's journey through a very difficult

pregnancy following an adverse diagnosis, and the subsequent death of their baby. The author presents  her husbands experience in a way that other women/couples easily connect with her, and are able to apply what they read to their own circumstances. To purchase this book, see this site:







Elizabeth- A time To Weep And A Time To Laugh  By Lisa Saunders

Review By Sherry Bushnell

Grace and Truth Books  Publisher of Too Wise To Be Mistaken, to Good to be Unkind by Cathy

Steere. Don't miss this excellent book on raising an autistic child for the Lord.

Please click here to see reviews of this book.

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic

RFB&D 20 Roszel Road Princeton, NJ 08540

The Learning Connection

Vision Therapy, Auditory Perception and Coordination

12510 Kaibab Ct.

Colorado Springs, CO 80908

(719) 495-7323

IEP Individual Education Planning For The Handicapped Student By Deborah Mills

  IEP's are now easy! You can create a professional looking IEP specific to the special needs of your child with this easy to use fill-in- the-blank IEP format for all ages, grades and skill levels. It includes a Chronological Age-Appropriate Activities listing organized by life-space domains that offers a nonexhaustive menu of ideas from which to draw.

Learn more about the IEP planner!


     Strateigies for Struggling Learners

     (A Guide for the Teaching Parent)

     by Dr.Joe and Connie Sutton

     220 Douglas Dr. Simpsonville, SC 29681 (864) 967-4729

     1st Straight Talk (A Parents Guide to Correcting Childhood Mispronunciations) and 20 min. Video

     by: Marisa Lapish M.A. CCC-SP Speech and Language Therapist Available through NATHHAN

     Click Here for more information ($55.00)


     2nd Straight Talk: A Parent's Guide to

     Language Development

      Order Now


     Written by Marisa J. Lapish, M.A. in Speech Pathology

     and Tom and Sherry Bushnell, Directors of NATHHAN

     $45.00 Suggested donation  109 page manual.


     An excellent resource for parents helping their children overcome language delays.

• Exercises in Learning to Listen

• Nuts and Bolts of Language Training

• Increasing Auditory and Visual Comprehension

• Language Development Activities for the Christian Home

• Tests to Determine Exactly Where Your Child Needs Help

• How to Improve Your Child's Language Skills

• Suggestions for Parents Working with Children Ranging from Non-verbal to More Advanced in Language.


     Read article about speech therapy....YOU CAN DO IT!

     God's Special Child

     Lessons from Nathan By Donna Adee

     1928 Oxbow Rd.

     Minneapolis, KS 67467 (913) 392-2750

     Home Schooling Children with Special Needs

    Turning challenges into opportunities!

    by Sharon Hensley, M.A.

    Almaden Valley Christian School

    6291 Vegas Dr.

    San Jose, CA 95120 (408) 997-0290

     Lifetime Books and Gifts

     Bob and Tina Farewell

     863-676-6311, 863-676-2732 (Fax)

     1-800-377-0390 for orders only

     3900 Chalet Suzanne Lane

     Lake Wales, FL 33853-7763

     Lots of Living Books and resources for special needs.

     Publisher of The Always Incomplete Resource Guide.

     E-mail: info@lifetimebooksandgifts

Special Kids Learning Video Tapes

P.O. Box 462 Muskego, WI 53150  1-800-KIDS-153

Don Johnston

P.O. Box 639

Wauconda, IL 60084-0639


Solutions for students with disabilities

PCI Educational Publishing

Learning Disabilities

P.O. Box 34270 San Antonio, TX 78265-4270  1-800-594-4263

The Learning Center

200 North Bennett St.

Southern Pines, NC 28387 910-695-1151

A resource center for children who learn differently.

Seedlings Braille Books For Children

P.O. Box 51924 Livonia, MI 48151

800-777-8552 e-mail

Academic Therapy

20 Commercial Boulevard

Novato, CA 94949-6191



1510 E. Spencer Lake Rd.

Shelton, WA 98584 (360) 426-0672

Helpful homeschooling materials

Simplified Learning Products

Joyce Herzog

P.O. Box 45387

Rio Rancho, NM 87174-5387


Great resources for the learns differently

      Stuttering Foundation of America

     3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603

     Memphis, TN 38111-0749


      Special Reads For Special Needs

     By Natalie Hale

      Help your child communicate with the

      Stages Learning Materials ---Full-color, photographic flash cards that have been professionally

     designed to teach children with autism. Call Stages Learning Materials to order or for your free color

       brochure: Toll-Free (888) 501-8880.

      Core Curriculum of America

     Home Schooling Made EASY! Curriculum Customized for You!

After receiving input from both the student and parent we design a special, inexpensive, innovative curriculum for your child that assures success! Customized for your child based on his/her abilities, needs, and desires - to help motivate, challenge, and most importantly......enrich your child's home learning experience.

     The Elijah Company

     ATCO School Supply, Inc

    425 E. Sixth Street, #105

    P.O. BOX 1707, CORONA, CA. 92878-1707

    TEL: (909) 272-2926

    Order Line (888) 246-ATCO

     The Forever Child

     Therapeutic books for children with attachment issues.