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Articles on Down Syndrome


Our Charity by Elizabeth Goulding


Our Kids Can Do Anything! by Barbara Lautzenheiser


A Message from Diane MacBeth- A NATHHAN Founder


The new "Down Syndrome Carnival" blog! "By gathering together the work of several bloggers who parent children with

     Down syndrome, I hope that we could share the joy that these children are to those of us who love them."


Beatitudes For Friends Of The Handicapped - By Joan Martin


Homeschooling Failure? By Tom and Sherry Bushnell


The Down Syndrome Family by Barbara Frank


Laura's Story  A hard won, but successful breastfeeding story of a baby girl born with DS. By Joan Roberts Spring 2001


Down Home With The Ryckman Family. A family's story and helpful suggestions


Pre-School And The Child With Down Syndrome by Kathy Salars Spring 1995


Jordan and I   By Tom Bushnell


Letter from a mom- Daughter with Down Syndrome and speech delays.


Teaching Math- One Step at a Time By Diane Ryckman


Tera's Story-  by Tera Meyers, Mother of Samuel


Making Lessons Simple By Diane Ryckman

"Downi Creations" are wonderful! Down Syndrome dolls! Donna Moore  888-749-9330 or to view the dolls, try our website: 


An Open Letter To A Mother And Her Student With Down Syndrome From Letz Farmer

Here is the web site for Dr. Anne Archer. She is an expert in language development for children with Down syndrome.  


Raising Dustin - by Jo Ann Archer Fall/Winter 2009


How Nathaniel Fits Into His Large Family - by Sibbi Yarger Spring/Summer 09


Victor's Here! - "We are learning that there is nothing like a special needs child to encourage and promote family unity."