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Articles About Character Development and Family

Opportunities for Smiles... by Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Helping Our Children (with disabilities) Become God's Useful Servant by Diane Ryckman

Changing our Identity by Dennis and Linda Lamphere

"I've Changed My Mind!" by Dennis and Linda Lamphere

Thank You Peter! by Katherine Bruening

Resources for Correcting Difficult Behavior

Emotional Problems and Character Development - Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Joseph Caleb Minotti - Prophet of God  (A testimony of God's favor and grace upon the Minotti  family for allowing them to have Jospeh, their son, until he went to be with Jesus.)

The Day it Snowed   By Cathy Steere  PLUS Book Review of Cathy's very successful book, Too Wise To Be Mistaken, Too Good To Be Unkind.*See Note Below

Boycott Burnout   By Sherry Bushnell, mommy to 10

The Perfect Homeschool mom? - By Jennifter A. Shaffer

Teaching Special Needs Children with Their Siblings Stephen and Ramona Hull, Sheila Scott, Tom and Sherry Bushnell,  Fall 1996  NATHHAN NEWS

Simply Self-Controlled Special Needs Children - Fall 1996 NATHHAN NEWS

Modesty as Protection for Our Special Needs Children - Tom and Sherry Bushnell  

The Language of the Christians Clothing - by S.M Davis

Christ A Physician Written By Cathy Steere, author of Too Wise To Be Mistaken, Too Good To Be Unkind: Christian Parents Contend With Austim

Beatitudes For Friends Of The Handicapped - By Joan Martin

Ten Tips for Training Tots to Take Over Household Tasks By Sharon Schnupp Kuefper

Looking At Courtship and Marriage for Those With Special Needs By Donna Adee

Homeschooling Failure? By Sherry Bushnell

Super Parent of By God's Grace by Tom and Sherry Bushnell Plus pages 143- 146 of Jeff and Marge Barth's book Becoming Heirs of the Grace of Life.

Time Wasters! By Mary Carney

To Push or Pamper by Donna Addee

Do You Have The Heart Of Your Special Needs Child? by Dr. S. M. Davis

"Freedom From the Spirit of Anger"by Dr. S. M. Davis

Character Development and the Special Needs Child - As Christ-believing parents coming from a Biblical perspective, most of us would agree that Godly character training in our children is of utmost importance.

Teaching Our Special Needs Children Biblical Concepts Each child has what he or she needs to do the will of the Father through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that comes to all believers. We as parents need to.....

Sharing a Heritage of Godly Living with Our Grandchildren by Dennis and Linda Lamphere

Better Behavior By The Klein Family

How Does Your Garden Grow? By Sherry Bushnell Wandering through my garden in the evening, I couldn’t help but....

Rewards and Motivation By Tom and Sherry Bushnell

Living With Our Special Needs Children Perhaps some of you have been faced with the question, "What is it like to....

Should We Compare Our Children With Disabilities to Other Children With the Same Disabilites? Letter from Carol Gruber Spring 2001

Grace Children's Orphanage - Update on an orphanage that NATHHAN helped build in Southern India in 1997/98.

 *Too Wise To Be Mistaken Too Good To Be Unkind book by Cathy Steere A family dealing with autism, professionals, homeschooling and successfully using Biblical child training —An excellent book recommended by many NATHHAN families. This book has literally changed the lives of several families dealing with autism or special needs children with extra challenging behavior.

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Married...With Extra "Challenges" by Tom and Sherry Bushnell Fall/Winter 2009


Helping Our Children Learn to Focus - by Dennis and Linda Lamphere


Julia Unruh - "Providing a loving home for Julia is just one of the myriad ways we are living out the command to be hospitable."


How Nathaniel Fits Into His Large Family - by Sibbi Yarger Spring/Summer 09


Large Families' Ways - How We Do It! - by Sibbi Yarger


Managing Larger Families - by Crazy-Mom Bushnell