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Articles About Adoption

Reeces Rainbow - A ministry dedicated to matching families to children with Down Syndrome
in need of a home.

CHASK- "Before You Were Born, I Knew You." -God - The Story of Baby Effie

Adoption and Homeschooling- The Journey and The Lessons by Debbie Googeg

Adoption Disruption  by Lori Anderson

Honestly Pro-Life?  by Tom and Sherry Bushnell

A Patchwork of Prayer -  by Terry and Judy Theil. This is truly an inspiring story of love and adoption.

Adoption Not Abortion! Tom and Sherry Bushnell - NATHHAN

Children Waiting For A Family Christian Adoption web site

Adopting Children With Disabilities Written by Tom and Sherry Bushnell Abortion has made fewer children available for adoption. Special needs children are particularly at risk for ....

Maid or Mother? By Sherry Bushnell

Insights on Adoption By Tim McGinley, father of 18 children

The Winning Of Little Lynny By Tom and Sherry Bushnell Every family that adopts a special needs child has an adventure to tell. Ours is special to us. This is the true story of how the Lord, out of brutal tragedy, brought glory to His name.

Adoption - Is It Always Happily Ever After? Written by Tom and Sherry Bushnell Adoption is a very special way of adding the blessing of children into a home. This article shares about a problem most social workers don't talk about in preparing a family for adoption......

 Living With Our Special Needs Children Perhaps some of you have been faced with the question.. "What is it like to live with your special needs child?"

Sheela, A Treasure in Progress By Tom and Sherry Bushnell - From poverty in India to a sweet daughter in our home, Sheela is a testimony in our home of God's love.

The Gift of Adoption Fund- A little extra help with legal fees.

Waiting With Gabriel- A book by Amy Kuelbelbeck; Loyola Press

Raising Dustin - by Jo Ann Archer Fall/Winter 2009

Rebecca - one of CHASK's Happily Ever After Stories - Spring/Summer 09